PMU Pro Eyeliner Course

  • Are you already a PMU artist that wants to add eyeliner?
  • Maybe you are already trained but still aren’t confident as your pigment does not retain in the skin?

Take our PMU Pro Eyeliner Course to become the best at Eyelining

PMU Pro Eyeliner Course

  • Must have a recognized PMU certificate
  • Students are required to provide a model.
  • Free Pigment and Manual 

10 Hours home study & 4 Case studies to be completed within 2 months of course completion

Day 1 – 10am- 6pm 

  • Eyeliner measurement, colour choice and sketch 
  • Common mistakes with eyeliner 
  • Pressure control and needle choice 
  • Work on imitation skin 
  • Live demonstration by Orlagh Maye 
  • Student model 1 
    • Q&A

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