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BioLift – Eye Lash Perming Kit


The procedure cares for the hairs and gives the eyelashes an expressive curl and lift.

The effect after the BioLift i lasts for one to month to two. The kit BioLift includes: 4 compositions, glue for curling, silicone rolls (5 pairs), applicator (3 pcs).


1 Step (Perm)-softens the hairs, prepares for the next stage of the procedure of the bio-coal.

2 Step (Fixation)-fixes the hairs, creating a bend.

3 Step (Nutrition)-nourishes the hair and cares for them. The main component of this composition is collagen.

4 Step (Cleanser)-cleanse the hairs and removes the remnants of bonder.



Use detergent No. 4 to remove grease, dust and make-up remnants.

Put patches for the eyes on the lower eyelid to protect the skin during the procedure.

Put the laminating roller on the upper eyelid, as close to the edge as possible, then apply glue on the eyelashes, supporting the applicator.

Soak the adhesive for 1 minute

Apply compound No. 1 to the eyelashes and distribute the applicator. Soak for 8-12 minutes.

Apply the fixing agent No. 2 and distribute the applicator. Soak for 8-12 minutes.

Apply No. 3 and stand for 5 minutes.

Use the tool number 4 to clean and remove the remnants of the compounds.

The aging time of the formulations is calculated based on the thickness of the eyelashes: 8 min. for thin, 10 min. for medium thickness, 12 min. for dense hair.

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