Qualities of a Permanent Makeup Artist

There are many personal qualities of a permanent makeup artist and a steady hand is only one of them. Below I have outlined some key qualities to think about when considering becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist:

  • Hygiene – Work area hygiene and personal hygiene are paramount when carrying out such treatments to prevent cross-contamination, it does help if you already are a clean and tidy person. A daily shower, no dangling jewellery, natural makeup, short clean nails, fresh breath and laundered professional uniform. I prefer white or lighter coloured tunics, this may seem a core as any pigment splashes are detectable but a clean white uniform will show your client that your uniform is spotless. Be obsessive about hygiene and Health and Safety in your treatment room. Do not become complacent, your treatment area and all equipment should be cleaned down thoroughly after each client. Never let standards slip! Protect your client and your reputation. 
  • Patience – Permanent treatments take time, time to choose pigments, shapes, design and you also cannot rush the treatment. I take at least 1hr 30 minutes for each treatment and I have many years of experience! Starting out I recommend 2hrs – 2hrs 30 minutes minimum.
  • Artistic Creativity – It is a visual and creative medium, so it really helps to have natural artistic skills. When you start out, it is advised to follow the designs being taught that most clients’ brows will fall into. But with years of experience behind you and with your creativity you should develop your skills to ensure each client’s design is customised. 
  • Inquisitive – Be eager and inquisitive to master new skills. It’s a constantly evolving industry with new techniques and equipment, so train and practice, practice, practice. 
  • Professional – You aim to give your client the best experience from booking to leaving your salon. Therefore, never cut corners. Follow all Health and Safety standards, always do a full consultation with each client, patch test, protect yourself legally and your reputation. Be personal and professional with your client to ensure they are comfortable to ask questions but also act professionally at all times. 
  • Determination – Competition is fierce in this industry, especially when starting out. I found it very daunting myself but with a lot of hard work and determination I now have a successful Permanent Makeup business and so can you.  

If you are new to the industry or struggling to build your Permanent Makeup business, get in touch today to see how Pygment Training Academy can support you.  We look forward to catching up soon.  

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